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Leather Work Boots, Steel Toe Boots, Water Proof Work Boots

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Leather work boots, water proof work boots, steel toe work boots

For over 110 years, LaCrosse Footwear has been making high quality, authentic work shoes, work boots and footwear products, that our customers know and trust. Anyone who puts in a hard day at work or a great weekend in the woods; be that workers, hunters, firefighters, miners, farmers or anyone else, knows that LaCrosse Footwear will provide them with the highest quality pair of boots or shoes and will keep making  products that fit with their way of life. The line includes: Leather work boots, water proof work boots, steel toe boots and more.

LaCrosse Footwear Quad Comfort Work Shoes and Boots
Shown: Quad Comfort 4x6 Plain Toe Leather Work Boots & Quad Comfort 4x8 Plain Toe Leather Work Boots plain & steel toe work boots


We want you to have the highest performing footwear, work boots, shoes and apparel at a price that fits your lifestyle.

See below for some of the features and technology packed into LaCrosse Work Shoes and Work Boots

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LaCrosse Footwear Quad ComfortQuad Comfort® technology offers four layers of support and comfort for all-day in the field

Full-grain leather upper with a padded collar for a classic design, rugged durability and comfort
Steel Toe Work Boot models available

Steel toe boots



Water Proof Work Boots

Hyper-dri® is a highly engineered, waterproof, scent-free barrier that lines the entire boot for 100% protection. Not only does Hyper-dri® block water from entering the boot, it also absorbs moisture in the boot and transfers it away from your foot, making LaCrosse the finest water proof work boots.

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water proof work boots

Layer 1: EVA footbed
The first layer provides unrivaled arch support from the dual-density EVA footbed that cradles the foot and reduces the chance of cramping.

LaCrosse Footwear

Layer 2: EVA foam
Lightweight EVA Foam acts as a second layer of shock-absorption.
Layer 3: Quad Core™ insole
The third layer of support comes from innovative Quad Core™ technology. The insole board is designed with specific cutout zones filled with EVA foam at core pressure points on the forefoot and heel. These cutout zones help disperse the weight and reduce the strain on the back and knees.
Layer 4: Dual-density PU midsole
A dual-density, polyurethane midsole offers abrasion-resistance and greater stability underfoot.

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LaCrosse footwear, work shoes, work boots, leather work boots, steel toe boots, water proof work boots

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Work Boots by LaCrosse Footwear Leather Work Boots, Water Proof Work Boots, Steel Toe Boots